The glittering centre of Dubai, Dubai Marina, draws gourmets from all over the world. And a trip through the fragrant depths of Indian cuisine isn’t complete without sampling it. The 10 Indian restaurants in Dubai Marina here provide a spectrum of flavours that will entice your taste buds, from sizzling street food to regal delicacies. So grab a seat, fans of spice, and join us as we take a curry cruise across Dubai Marina’s top ten Indian eateries:

1. Indian Palace Restaurant

india palace restaurant

Indian Palace, a landmark in Dubai, is a traditional option for real North Indian food. They are famous for its melt-in-your-mouth biryani, spicy vindaloo, and buttery paneer makhani. Extra marks for the reasonably priced and welcoming staff.

Savor the diverse tastes of India at Dubai Marina’s India Palace Restaurant.

Address: Jumeirah Beach Rd – Jumeirah Beach Residence – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 437 0279

2.Indian Access

indian access

This undiscovered gem, tucked away in the Dubai Marina Mall, provides a tasty and speedy solution for desires for Indian food. Their samosas are renowned for their flavorful, spicy potatoes that are accompanied by tart chutneys. The vegetarian combo lunches, which come with fluffy naan and a selection of curries, are really affordable.

Authentic Indian flavors await you at Indian Access in Dubai Marina.

Address: Food Court Level 2 Dubai Marina Mall – Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 55 665 7483

3.Bombay Bungalow

bombay bungalow

You may experience the pulse of Mumbai’s street food scene at this lively location. Their vibrant interior design and upbeat atmosphere go hand in hand with the robust flavours of their curries, kebabs, and chaats. The butter chicken masala dosa is a fusion masterpiece that is sure to wow you. Don’t miss it.

Enjoy a blend of traditional and contemporary Indian dishes at Bombay Bungalow in Dubai Marina.

Address: Unit 2301, The Beach Mall, in JBR Walk, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 800 6928779

4. Memory Lane Restaurant

memory lane restaurant

Take a culinary journey down Memory Lane with Indian delights in Dubai Marina.

Do you miss preparing Indian food at home? Memories Lane’s aromatic rice dishes, dal makhani, and hearty stews will take you right back to your grandmother’s kitchen. It’s the ideal option for a laid-back family dinner because of the welcoming ambiance and attentive service.

Address: Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 55 689 1502

5. Flavors of India

flavours of india

Explore a variety of Indian dishes at Flavours of India in Dubai Marina.

This classy eatery raises the bar for good dining Indian food. Their cuisine offers inventive twists on traditional fare, such as black fish served in a coconut curry and tandoori scallops with mango salsa. Get ready to be astounded by the presentation and taste explosion.

Address: RAMADA HOTEL & SUITES BY WYNDHAM DUBAI JBR Shams Cluster 3 – Jumeirah Beach Residence – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 309 8177

6. Helal al barsha restaurant dubai marina

helal al barsha restaurant dubai marina

Discover Halal Indian cuisine at Helal al Barsha Restaurant in Dubai Marina.

Go to Helal al-Barsha for a sample of South Indian cuisine. Your taste buds will be tempted by their hot curries, such as Chettinad chicken, fluffy appams, and melt-in-your-mouth dosas. Try their filter coffee as well; it’s the ideal way to cap off a spicy dinner.

Address: 138 – 1 Al Sayorah St – Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 50 189 7421

7. Saarangaa Bhojan Shala Dubai Marina

saarangaa bhojan shala dubai marina

Experience authentic Indian dining at Saarangaa Bhojan Shala in Dubai Marina.

Vegetarians, unite! Saarangaa Bhojan Shala is a vegetarian paradise for individuals in search of flavorful, real food. From classic Thali sets to creative meals like beetroot kebabs and jackfruit biryani, their wide menu has something for everyone. Extra credit for their reasonable costs and substantial serving sizes.

Address: 349M+RJP – G Floor,Marina Pearl Building,Dubai Marina,behind RAK Bank – Al Marsa St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 451 2525

8. Tandoori Tadka

tandoori tadka

Indulge in mouthwatering Tandoori delights at Tandoori Tadka in Dubai Marina.

Do you want for a smokey, tandoori encounter? Your fingers will be licking after tasting Tandoori Tadka. Their tender tandoori meats are grilled to perfection in clay ovens after being marinated in yoghurt and spices. For a filling dinner, try them with their buttery naan and cool raita.

Address: Marina Promenade – near tph lakwil restaurant – Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 54 252 1720

9. Ricky’s Restaurant

ricky’s restaurant

Relish authentic Indian flavors in a cozy setting at Ricky’s Restaurant in Dubai Marina.

This laid-back restaurant is a well-liked destination for a good and fast Indian meal. Their butter naan is ideal for mopping up every last bit of gravy, and their chicken tikka masala is sure to please everyone. It’s a terrific option for lunch on a tight budget because of the pleasant service and reasonable costs.

Address: Hotel Apartment, Marina Pearl – Water Front – Shop no – 05 Al Masara Street – Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 514 7066

10. Mint and Chilli – Indian Restaurant – Food Nation

mint and chilli

Spice things up at Mint and Chilli, an Indian restaurant in Dubai Marina under the Food Nation banner.

Food Nation: Mint and Chilli, a busy eatery within Food Nation, provides a large selection of Indian meals at affordable costs. Their biryani, with its soft meat and aromatic spices, is an absolute must-try. Their easy accessibility and prompt service make it an ideal option for a lunch on-the-go.

Address: B Food Nation, Marina View Tower – 34HR+QQ7 Al Marsa Street Food Nation – Marina Promenade – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 50 429 7557


So, foodies, there you have it. In the centre of Dubai Marina, ten enticing doors lead to the world of Indian cuisine. This gastronomic adventure promises an explosion of flavours and a feast for the senses, with dishes ranging from spicy vindaloo to comfortable dal, creative street cuisine to beautiful fine dining. The Indian restaurants in Dubai Marina are ready to take you to a flavorful world, so grab your forks and dig in.

Bonus Tip: If possible, make appointments in advance and check the operating hours of Indian restaurants in Dubai Marina, especially for popular ones. Remember to inquire about the degree of spice, as Indian cuisine can vary from mild to extremely hot.

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