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Who we are:

Our website address is: www.znflick.com. We are “Let’s Explore Pakistan,” a website dedicated to promoting and sharing information about the foodie places, culture, attractions of Pakistan, explore the best Restaurants, Hotels and Resorts in Pakistan. Our mission is to guide you through the rich tapestry of Pakistan’s culinary delights, exceptional accommodations, and breathtaking resorts. As you explore the flavors and taste of Pakistani food.


Data Collection and Usage:
When visitors leave comments on our website, we collect the information provided in the comments form, including the commenter’s name, email address, and website (if provided). The visitor’s IP address and browser user agent string are also automatically collected by us. This data is collected to aid in spam detection, prevent abusive behavior, and ensure the security of our platform.

Gravatar Integration:

If you choose to use the Gravatar service associated with your email address, an anonymized string (hash) of your email address may be provided to Gravatar. This is done to determine if you have a Gravatar profile and to display your profile picture alongside your comment. Gravatar’s privacy policy can be reviewed at: https://znflick.com/privacy-policy/.


Avoid uploading photos with embedded location data (EXIF GPS) if you plan to submit them to the website. Any location data from photographs on the website can be downloaded and extracted by website visitors.


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Different Types of Cookies:

Essential Cookies: These cookies are like the foundation of a house. They make sure the website works properly and you can navigate around easily.
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Third-Party Cookies:

Some of our pages may contain third-party products or services, such movies embedded or social media buttons. Cookies may be used by these third parties to gather information about how you interact with their content. The cookies that these third parties utilize are not within our control.


Hey there, savvy user! We’re all about transparency and empowering you when it comes to your data. Let’s dive into what rights you have over your information.
Your Data, Your Rights: Empowering You:
Your Delete and update your information when you need. You have the power to update your own information.
Out with the Old:
If you want us to say goodbye to your data, you can ask us to delete it. We’ll respect your wish, just like cleaning out your closet of things you no longer need.
Cookies and Choices:
Remember those cookies we mentioned? You have the power to manage them. You can control how they’re used in your browser settings. You’re driving the cookie control bus.


Acceptance of Terms:
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Intellectual Property:
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Please email us: info@znflick.com at the following address if you have any inquiries or worries related to this cookies policies or concerns regarding privacy in general.