Introduction: Grocery Delivery Apps in Pakistan

As our shopping habits get reshaped by digital convenience, grocery apps have become necessary in our daily lives. In Pakistan, there has been a remarkable increase in online grocery shopping, with several top grocery apps offering unique features and benefits. Join us as we go through the best grocery apps in Pakistan and provide you with the latest insights and data to help you pick out the

List of Top 10 Grocery Apps in Pakistan for Use in 2024

Therefore, let’s take a look at some of the best options available to you today as far as online grocery shopping is concerned on Pakistani soil.

  1. FoodPanda Mart: 
  2. GrocerApp: 
  3. Imtiaz Super Market:
  4. Metro Online
  5. Cheetay
  6. Naheed Supermarket:
  7. QnE (Quick & Easy):
  8. RashanLelo: 
  9. Pakistan Grocery
  10. Al-Fatah:

Grocery Delivery – Apps in Pakistan in 2024

1. FoodPanda Mart

 Welcome to Foodpanda Mart- where convenience meets quality to redefine how one shops for groceries in Pakistan. As a child company of Foodpanda, one of the best food delivery apps in Pakistan, foodpanda mart has successfully integrated groceries into its platform. With their wide range of products, Food Panda Mart stands out as one of the best grocery apps in Pakistan. It offers fast deliveries and reasonable prices, satisfying even the most critical shopper.

Contact Number: 021-111-366-466


2. GrocerApp

 Step into Grocery Apps virtual aisles, where innovation and efficiency meet to revolutionise the grocery shopping experience. GrocerApp is one of the best grocery apps in Pakistan, and it has a wide range of products suitable for every taste and preference. Fresh vegetables straight from the garden and imported specialties are some of the things you can get from GrocerApp, making it the choice for many people in Pakistan who want to shop with ease. 

Contact Number: 0301-4737627


3. Imtiaz Super Market

Feel at home with Imtiaz Super Market, a popular name known for its quality and affordable rates. As a major player in Pakistan’s retail landscape, Imtiaz Super Market takes its heritage into the digital space. It is one of the top grocery apps in Pakistan that offers various goods, ensuring consistent convenience and affordability as experienced by customers visiting their actual stores.

Contact Number: 111-468-429


4. Metro Online

Say hello to hassle-free shopping with Metro online, which is an online platform belonging to leading wholesalers in Pakistan. Ranging from household needs to businesses that make purchases once in a while inventory, Metro Online is among the leading top grocery apps in Pakistan, enabling convenient and value-laden online purchases. 

Contact Number: 111-786-622


5. Cheetay

 Fast, reliable and convenient – that’s Cheetay for you. As a pioneer in the food delivery/grocery shopping industry, Cheetay has built a reputation for quick deliveries and excellent service. With its easy-to-use app and a wide variety of products, Cheetay streamlines the grocery shopping process for customers all across Pakistan; this makes it loved by those looking for ease and quality.

Contact Number: 0330-5888839


6. Naheed Supermarket

Step into the digital realm of Naheed Supermarket, where tradition meets technology to create a seamless shopping experience. For years Naheed supermarket has been known as the best place to get your groceries or even any other household item so it comes as no surprise that they made it into our list of top grocery apps in Pakistan. This store serves its customers with quality products at their convenience on account of being one of the best grocery apps in Pakistan.

Contact Number: 021-35655536


7. QnE (Quick & Easy) 

As its name suggests, QnE (Quick & Easy) simplifies the grocery purchase process with its streamlined e-commerce site, which provides fast service. Focusing on velocity and comfort, QnE serves well-informed customers nationwide in Pakistan. Providing an assortment of groceries and household essentials, QnE has become one of the best grocery apps in Pakistan and Ireland convenient for its clients. 

Contact Number: 021-111-031-031


8. RashanLelo

RashanLelo is your final destination when it comes to quality products at unbeatable prices, thereby putting an end to your agony while carrying out grocery shopping. RashanLelo ensures that all the items meet the highest standard through a wide range of suppliers and strict quality control measures that are put into place. As such, they have managed to simplify grocery shopping, making them among the best grocery apps in Pakistan.

Contact Number: 021-111-759-426


9. Pakistan Grocery

Choose Pakistan Grocery app for online convenience, including everything food-related you desire. It does not matter if you want fruits or vegetables. With an extensive product range and user-friendly interface like these, you can search for anything you need at the Pakistan Grocery website, one of the best grocery apps. This means that they offer people’s local favourites alongside imported goods from other parts globally, hence a favourite grocery app among consumers who prefer reliability, quality and convenience.

Contact Number: 0332-2757-639


 10. Al-Fatah 

Find out an easy way to do things with Al-Fatah, one of the most trusted names in Pakistan’s retail industry. It takes its legacy to the digital level with a wide range of products and excellent services. This is considered one of the top grocery apps in Pakistan, which retails everything from fresh produce to household needs and serves discerning buyers all over the country.

Contact Number: 042-111-235-236



In sum, the emergence of prominent grocery apps in Pakistan has changed the way we buy essential items. Every grocery app in Pakistan, including FoodPanda Mart or Al-Fatah, combines convenience, quality and reasonable prices. With just a few taps, we can get groceries delivered to our doorsteps, hence saving time and energy. They, therefore, set new standards for ease of use in this field as they continue to innovate their product offering. Join these best grocery apps available at your fingertips for a glimpse into the future of shopping today in Pakistan; make your life easier when it comes to daily shopping by just downloading any such application from them! Happy shopping!

For more information or help, contact these grocery apps directly using the contacts given above.