Welcome to 2024, a bustling year for London food delivery apps! This is mainly because the pace at which residents of the U.K. capital live necessitates access to various food delivery companies. Whatever your situation, be it a busy professional, student, or someone who loves the convenience of having their dishes delivered home, there is an app just right for you. These are my top picks for food delivery apps in London and what makes them tick in this stiff and competitive market. 

List of Top 10 London Food Delivery Apps in 2024

Moving swiftly, look at some of the top London food delivery apps.

  1. Grubhub
  2. Doordash
  3. Deliveroo
  4. Uber Eats
  5. Postmates
  6. Zomato 
  7. Delivery.com
  8. Just Eat 
  9. Swiggy 
  10. Quiqup:

1. Grubhub

While Grubhub has established itself as a major player in the United States, it is still expanding its presence within London.Grubhub the best food delivery app in UK features a friendly user interface and provides menus from multiple restaurants. One key distinction is that Grubhub+ offers unlimited free deliveries from its partners after paying monthly subscription fees. Consequently, frequent users can use this as a cost-saving technique for home deliveries.


Email Address:communityaffairs@grubhub.com

2. DoorDash

The food delivery industry includes DoorDash UK food delivery app, another big player notably widely spread in North America. Although its germplasm is still growing in London, it is very familiar with what it does. It offers a real-time tracking system, multiple payment options, and a subscription service known as DashPass. This service allows shoppers to make orders with free shipping, making it a favourite for regular users.


Email Address:support@doordash.com

3. Deliveroo

For instance, Deliveroo is the first name that comes to mind when discussing top food delivery apps in London because of its quick deliveries and high number of restaurants. If you are looking forward to enjoying fast food or gourmet dining quickly, Deliveroo London food app is the right place to place your hunger calls. This app has earned a reputation for reliability and speed, making it one of the preferred options by many Londoners. With Deliveroo Plus, customers can pay a monthly fee for unlimited free delivery service.


4. Uber Eats

Uber Eats is one of the major players in this space, with an extensive list of restaurants and an easy-to-use app across London. Uber Eats food delivery app in London UK offers extremely fast delivery times & excellent customer support are just some examples of where their takeaway pass program provides lower costs, alternatively zero-cost transport on qualified transactions, thus being most liked by frequent consumers.



5. Postmates

Even though it is originally from the US, Postmates is a delivery service that takes a unique approach to food and drink. They also deliver groceries, including alcohol. Postmates top food app in London has yet to be fully established in London but is mainly known for its flexibility and convenience. It’s an app for those who want more than just food at their doorstep; this means you can order many other things through this great application.


Email Address: help@postmates.com

6. Zomato

Zomato is adored in London, and its detailed restaurant reviews and extensive food delivery make it famous. Its Gold program offers fantastic deals and discounts, which have made it popular with food lovers. This best food delivery app UK serves those who like variety while dining out or prefer eating out at discounted prices.


Email Address: help@zomato.com


7. Delivery.com

Another all-around service that goes beyond London food delivery app is Delivery.com. While it’s widespread in America, it offers varied services such as groceries, land and ry, and liquor, and it is only available in the United States (U.S. one-stop shop for all your deli, very needs). Hence, it is convenient when you like multiple apps tasks.


8. Just Eat

As far as the U.K. is concerned, JustEat food delivery app in UK remains one of the most traditional food delivery companies. They have a huge selection of eateries where anyone will find something they like. For many Londoners looking for reliable takeaways that often offer promotions, Eat remains a favourite choice among many people.


9. Swiggy

Swiggy UK food delivery app, the leading online food delivery company in India, is beginning to enter the U.K. market. Its speedy delivery services and a wide choice of restaurants make it the one for you if you live in London. This app is great for those who want to experience Indian cuisine and do more.

10. Quiqup

In London, convenience is key because it’s a busy metropolitan city. Having access to reliable delivery services can be a game changer for a working-class person, student, or someone handling multiple things at once. It goes beyond food ordering to offering anything you require; this aptly describes Quiqup’s  best food delivery app in London delivery flexibility.



The range of options in London underlines how rich the London food delivery apps scene is, with each app having something unique for all tastes and preferences.

Whether you desire speed, diversity, reduced expenses, or comfort, there is an app for you. These are among the top favorites because of their extensive coverage and dependable services, while Food Hub and Zomato have something special about them. 

choosing the right food delivery app in London in 2024

When choosing the right food delivery app in London with a wide range as wide as this one, you only need to consider your personal needs and preferences. Whatever aspect matters most to you, whether speed, variety, cost savings, or convenience, there is an app just for that.

Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and Just Eat are great for their all-encompassing service, which includes a broad range of collaborations with restaurants. For more niche requirements, such as lifestyle and preferences, Quiqup and Zomato, among others, offer exclusive advantages.

As technology advances even further, expect these apps to become even more convenient than they already are, thus improving user experience. Whether this means you can’t resist a tasty snack or need some urgent supplies, look through any of these countless London food delivery apps on your palms. Let’s eat up and labour less, London!

So, if you get hungry and want things to be easy, here are some of top food delivery apps in London.. Enjoy your meal!