10 Best Iftar Buffet in Islamabad |  Iftar Deals in Islamabad | Ramzan Deals Islamabad 2024

As the sun sets over the picturesque city of Islamabad during the holy month of Ramadan, families and friends come together to break their fast with a lavish spread of delectable dishes. Here’s a list of the top 10 iftar buffet in Islamabad, where you can experience the true essence of Ramadan:



kfc iftar sharing box deal

Introducing the KFC Ramadan Iftar Sharing Box for just Rs. 1990! Enjoy 4 Zingers, 6 Wings, Fries, and a Drink. Perfect for sharing with family and friends, it’s the ultimate iftar feast!

2. Domino’s Pizza

Dominos Pizza iftar deal

Try Domino’s Pizza Iftar Deal! Get a small pizza and a drink for just Rs. 599 (tax included). Perfect for a quick and delicious iftar!


Howdy iftar deal

The Howdy Iftar Caboodle Deal! Just Rs. 1999 + tax. Enjoy a burger, chicken pasta, chipotle wings, and skewer. Perfect for a delicious iftar feast!

4. California Pizza

California Pizza iftar deal

California Pizza Ramadan Iftar Deal! Enjoy a flat 50% off on ALL PIZZAS, including premium flavors. Don’t miss out on this amazing offer!

5. McDonald’s

McDonalds iftar deal

McDonald’s Iftar Deal: 2 Spicy McCrispy sandwiches, medium McFries, and drinks. Satisfy your cravings this Ramadan with this delicious combo!

6. Des Pardes

DES PARDES Saidpur Village iftar sehr buffet deal

Indulge in Des Pardes Saidpur Village’s Iftar Dinner Buffet for just Rs. 3499 + Tax per head. Treat yourself to a feast this Ramadan!


OPTP Iftar Ramzan Bag

Enjoy OPTP’s Iftar Ramzan Bag for only Rs. 1490! Includes 4 Shotgun Burgers, fries, and drinks. Don’t miss out on this delicious deal!

8. La Montana

La Montana iftar buffet deal

Experience the ultimate feast at La Montana with our Sehri and Iftar Cum Dinner Buffets, starting from just 1799 + tax. Indulge in a variety of delicious dishes this Ramadan!

9. 14th Street Pizza

14th Street Pizza iftar buffet deal

Delight in the 14th Street Pizza Iftar Buffet Deal! Enjoy ALL YOU CAN EAT for just Rs. 1099/- only. Don’t miss out on this incredible offer!

10. Monal Islamabad

Monal Islamabad iftar deal

Experience the exquisite Monal Islamabad Iftar Buffet starting from the 2nd of Ramadan, priced at only Rs. 3,995 + tax. Indulge in a lavish feast this Ramadan season!


Whether you’re looking for a luxurious dining experience or a casual iftar outing with loved ones, Islamabad has a plethora of options to choose from. These top 10 iftar buffets promise not only a feast for the senses but also an opportunity to create cherished memories during the blessed month of Ramadan

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