Top 10 Best Iftar Buffets in Faisalabad 2024

Ramadan is here, and in Faisalabad, it’s time for delightful iftar buffets that bring people together. Here’s a simple guide to the top 10 iftar buffet Faisalabad  places to break your fast in 2024

1. KFC

kfc iftar sharing box deal

Delight in KFC’s Ramadan Iftar Sharing Box for only Rs.1990! Enjoy 4 Zingers, 6 Wings, Fries, and a Drink. Perfect for breaking your fast with loved ones. Grab this deal now!

2. California Pizza

California Pizza iftar deal

Enjoy a family feast with California Pizza’s Iftar Sharing Box, just Rs.1699 for 4! Dive into tasty pizzas, sides, and drinks. Perfect for breaking fast together!

3. McDonald’s

McDonalds iftar deal

Savor the McDonald’s deal-icious Iftar Deal! Enjoy 2 Spicy McCrispy burgers, medium McFries, and drinks. It’s the perfect combo to spice up your iftar!


OPTP Iftar Ramzan Bag

Introducing the OPTP Iftar Ramzan Bag for just Rs. 1490! Dive into 4 Shotgun Burgers, crispy fries, and refreshing drinks. Don’t miss out on this fantastic offer to elevate your iftar experience!

5. 14th Street Pizza

14th Street Pizza iftar buffet deal

Feast to your heart’s content with the 14th Street Pizza Iftar Buffet Deal! For just Rs. 1099/-, enjoy unlimited servings of mouthwatering pizzas and sides. Gather your loved ones and make your iftar unforgettable with this incredible offer!

6. Pizza Max

Pizza Max iftar buffet deal

Pizza Max offers an Iftari “All You Can Eat” Deal at just Rs. 1195! Plus, Sehri is available for just Rs. 995! Indulge in unlimited pizzas and more for a fulfilling Ramadan experience!

7. Bread & Beyond

Bread & Beyond

Enjoy the perfect Iftar with Bread & Beyond’s Iftar Box! Get the Single Box for Rs. 430, Double for Rs. 700, or Family Size for Rs. 1195. Satisfy your hunger with delicious treats for a fulfilling Ramadan experience!

8. Hardee’s

Hardees iftar deal

Treat yourself to Hardee’s Ramadan Iftar Deal! Enjoy a Jalapeno Chicken Sandwich with a drink for just Rs. 550/-! Spice up your iftar with this delicious offer!

9. Fri-Chiks


Fri-Chiks Iftar Deal 2024! Enjoy a 14″ Pizza, 6 Wings, and a Drink for just Rs.1749! Don’t miss out on this delicious offer!

10. Ranchers Hunger

Ranchers Hunger

Indulge in Ranchers Hunger Buster Ramadan Iftar Deal 2023! For only Rs. 899 + tax, satisfy your hunger with this fantastic offer!

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