Welcome, individual food lovers, to the flavorful asylum that is Kuwait’s road food scene in 2023! In the core of this culinary odyssey, we’re determined to disclose the most elite – the main 10 shawarma Kuwait that have become legends by their own doing.

Prepare to investigate the lively embroidery of flavors that characterize shawarma Kuwait culture – where succulent, delightful nibbles are something other than a feast; they’re a festival of the rich practice of road food and the delight of enjoying something really unprecedented

1. Shawarma Matic
2. Shawarma Shuwaikh شاورما الشويخ
3. Casa shawarma
4. Shawarma Shakir
5. Shawarma & Grill
6. Shawarma Factory
7. Canary – Budget Shawarma
8. Shawarma Zone Restaurant
9. Shawarma Al-Mosli Restaurant
10. Kurdo Restaurant kuwait

1. Shawarma Matic

Shawarma Matic is one of the best shawarma Kuwait offer our customers an amazing range of delicious Shawarma and Sandwich dishes along with meal combos. Our delicious meat selection includes many classic sandwiches, like Soujouk Kebab and Crispy Shrimp, as well as internationally famous American and Mexican versions, along with real chicken and beef shawarma.

We great pleasure in providing unique sides such crispy hallomi, jalapeño chili, and fried pickles, among others!
In addition, our customers are given additional choices than just sandwiches and scarves; they can choose among a range of Matic, like Salad Matic or Skinny Matics for people who prefer a healthy meal, or Hummus Matic, that comes with chicken or meat shawarma.

2. Shawarma Shuwaikh شاورما

It’s in the Shuwaikh shawarma kuwait residential area, at the co-op. The first expression of the location. There are only two chairs in the corner. Despite the fact that the space is small, the work put into the furnishings was impressive.
They make their own tequila and condiments. They are little more expensive than others, but the quality is maintained. There are only two chairs inside, so it’s mostly for takeout orders.

3. Casa shawarma

Casa is one of the Top 10 shawarma Kuwait goal is to deliver healthful Lebanese food that has been lovingly produced for maximum authenticity and originality.
We serve authentic Middle Eastern flavors with a modern twist. We make our food from scratch, utilizing only the best ingredients. All of our customers should have faith that the meat and products we offer are really Halal.

4. Shawarma Shakir

Shawarma Shakir Best shawarma in kuwait focuses in meat shawarma only, offering a single variety of shawarma along with fries and drinks on its menu. Because we use the best ingredients, our plain and straightforward shawarma ends up being the national dish of Kuwait.
June 2019 saw the opening of Shawarma Shakir’s first location; the second followed in August 2020, and the third in July 2021.

5. Shawarma and Grill

Welcome to Shawarma and Grill is one of the Top 10 shawarma Kuwait, the Inlet area’s best spot for tasty food styles. We offer various branches and are eminent for our capacity at offering delightful shawarma and scrumptious cheap food.
Our gifted originators fabricate alluring designs that mirror the air of Shawarma and grill Best shawarma in kuwait by joining their expertise as specialists with a profound love for the kitchen. Each plan is carefully intended to exhibit the lively varieties, scrumptious surfaces, and divine flavors that set our food extraordinary.
We understand that great advertising is more than just eye amuse. Our plans have been intentionally intended to impart Shawarma and Barbecue’s interesting selling thoughts, centering the greatness of the fixings, the realness of the flavors, and the magnificent eating experience we give.

6. Shawarma factory

The Best shawarma in kuwait shawarma factory serves a wonderful and diversified wrap that will appeal to people of all ages. So we invite you to test our meals and make sure you’re worth it before you invest your money.
This Chicken shawarma kuwait dish will take your breath away! A few common spices combine to create a fantastic Chicken Shawarma marinade that fills the chicken with distinct Middle Eastern flavors. The odor is terrible!

7. Canary – Budget Shawarma

Canary – Budget is one of the Top 10 shawarma Kuwait provide our freshly made, daily-cooked, and authentically inspired Palestinian cuisine to over one million patrons. From our well-known Humus and Jerusalem Falafel, which have delighted patrons for years, to especially designed sandwiches for our steadily increasing younger clientele, we have a wide selection on our menu. We take pleasure in fulfilling every request with rapid turnaround and consistent quality.
At Canary Best shawarma in kuwait, we work hard to establish the ideal environment for each and every newcomer. Our staff consists of a multicultural and eclectic mix of people who have made Canary their second home. We call them our blended family. Entering our environment will only make you feel more like you belong because we have kind, knowledgeable staff.

8. Shawarma Zone Restaurant

Shawarma Zone Best shawarma Kuwait are the only restaurant in Kuwait who serve shawarma along with other delicious foods in this innovative technique. To differentiate ourselves above other restaurants, we chose to bring you a wide range of dishes from the Turkish city of Hatay, like Arabi, Alexander, and grills, in addition to modern starters with a contemporary taste.

9. Shawarma Al-Mosli Restaurant

Al-Mosli Restaurant is one of the Top 10 shawarma Kuwait. Shawarma made of beef or chicken tastes great and is comparable to mine. It is regarded as Hawalli’s best shawarma restaurant. If Kuwait is the cause, then both the cuisine and the staff are well-trained. 1. Courtesies and delicious food 2. The additional generosity 3. The shop’s proprietor is virtuous and considerate. They merit the experience, and you won’t be sorry.

Chilled shawarma joint. There’s only chicken and meat available. They have platters for parties. Takeout and car repair only—no dine-in. across the street, it overlooks a few of laid-back shisha cafes.

10. Kurdo Restaurant Kuwait

The flavor of Kurdo shawarma Kuwait sets it apart from other types, even if new eateries are starting to serve various variants. The meal is of unexpectedly high quality and has some of Best shawarma in kuwait. It may become rather addictive.

Taste their shawarma with Saj bread, which is an unleavened flatbread that is softer and tastes better than regular bread. Yes, they cost a lot more than your average shawarma. Every day, they select the world’s greatest varieties of chickens as well as the best fresh foods from the Arab globe. Kurdo labs offers the greatest spices, which further enhance the distinct flavor of their excellent Shawarma.


Kuwait is a specialist at shawarma, as seen by the wide assortment of shawarma kuwait encounters accessible to us, from the imaginative to the work of art, from occupied road merchants to interesting unlikely treasures. Not exclusively is the meat significant, yet additionally the narratives that are told during a supper, the chuckling that occupies the room, and the common pleasure of partaking in a work of culinary craftsmanship.

This best 10 shawarma kuwait goes about as a culinary manual for the best shawarma Kuwait encounters nearby, whether you’re a neighborhood shawarma master or a curious guest prepared to find Kuwait’s culinary pearls. So how about we toast to the cooks, barbecue specialists, and every other person who adds their exceptional flavor to this popular road food. May you generally have scrumptious shawarmas and bread.