Islamabad KFC : Deals Prices & Menu 2023

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Islamabad KFC  2023 has become a beloved food destination in the bustling capital city of Pakistan. Known for its lip-smacking fried chicken, tempting burgers, and a wide range of delicious sides, KFC offers a tasteful culinary experience for residents areas and visitors alike. Situated strategically throughout the city, KFC outlets provide a welcoming environment for customers to enjoy their meals. With its commitment to quality ingredients and exceptional customer service, KFC Islamabad has earned a character as a go-to spot for fast food lovers. Whether you’re seeking a quick bite or a satisfying dine-in experience, KFC Islamabad is sure to satisfy your cravings.

KFC Deals Islamabad 2023


Top KFC Deals Islamabad 2023

An ultimate meal for the fam. It includes 4 Zinger burgers + 4 pieces Hot and Crispy Chicken + 2 Dinner rolls + 1.5 Liter drink  Rs.2390

Twister + 1 Regular fries + 1 Regular drink

1 Zinger Stacker + 1 Regular fries + 1 Regular drink

Turn up the fun with 5 pcs Hot & Crispy Chicken + 1 Large fries + 2 Regular drinks

KFC Islamabad Menu With Prices

Everyday Value Islamabad menu:

Items: Krunch Burger, Krunch Burger With Drink ,Rice and Spice, Zingeratha,Chicken N Chips, Krunch Chicken Combo, 3 Pcs Chicken, krunch combo.

KFC Islamabad Ala Carte & Combos menu:

Item: Twister ,Twister Combo, Zinger Burger ,Zinger Stacker, Kentucky Burger, Mighty Zinger, Zinger Combo, Kentucky Combo, Zinger Stacker Combo, Mighty Zinger Combo.

Islamabad menu signature boxes:

Items: Crispy Box ,Boneless Box ,Wow Meal Box, Crispy Duo Box, extreme Duo Box.

KFC Islamabad – Sharing menu:

Items: Value Bucket, Family Festival 1,Family Festival 2, Family Festival 3,Ramadan Deal.

KFC Islamabad Snacks & Beverages menu:

Items: Chicken Meal without Toy, Chicken Meal with slice without Toy, Chicken Meal 1 with slice without Toy, Chicken Meal 1 without Toy, One Pc Chicken, Regular Fries, Large Fries, Hotshots, Fries Bucket, Fries Bucket With Mayo Dip, Fries Bucket With Vietnamese Dip,6 spicy Nuggets , 6 pcs nuggets, Buffalo Wings, Salsa Sprinkle Wings Bucket, Tangy Masala Wings, Thai Sweet Wings, Chicken Meal 1 With Toy, Chicken Meal 1 With Slice and Toy, Chicken Meal 2 With Toy, Chicken Meal 2 With Slice and Toy, Snack Bucket, Hot Wings ,Dinner Roll, 9 Pcs Nuggets, 9 Pcs Spicy Nuggets, Coleslaw, Corn On The Cob, Pepsi Regular, Pepsi 1.5 Liter, Mineral Water, Rameyon Wings

KFC Contact Number Islamabad

KFC Contact Number Islamabad : 0322-5199012
KFC Contact Number Islamabad0322- 5199123

KFC Online Order Islamabad

KFC’s online ordering system in Islamabad offers a seamless experience for customers. By visiting the KFC website or using the dedicated mobile application, residents of Islamabad can browse. One of the most significant benefits of online ordering is the convenience it brings to customers doorsteps. Islamabad residents can now relish KFC’s delectable offerings from the comfort of their homes or offices. KFC’s online ordering platform in Islamabad caters to individual preferences. Customers can customize their orders to suit their taste buds, whether by choosing specific meal combinations, adding or omitting ingredients, or selecting portion sizes. Moreover, KFC frequently presents exclusive online promotions and discounts, making the online ordering experience even more enticing. Safety is paramount in online transactions, and KFC ensures secure payment options for its Islamabad customers. Whether it’s paying wallets, or other electronic methods, customers can enjoy a hassle-free and secure checkout process. Furthermore, KFC’s efficient delivery services ensure that orders reach customers’ doorsteps promptly, allowing them to indulge in their favorite KFC meals without delay.