Best Hotels in Shigar

Discover the allure of Shigar, where breathtaking landscapes meet modern comfort. Explore diverse accommodations, from the regal Serena Shigar Fort to the simplicity of PTDC Motel Skardu. Whether you choose Mehman Sarai مہمان سرائے or Hotel River View Shigar, these hotels in Shigar offer a memorable stay amidst scenic beauty. Experience tradition and modernity seamlessly intertwined in the heart of Shigar.

1.Wazeer One Hotel and Restaurant Shigar

A charming accommodation option in Shigar, Wazeer One Hotel and Restaurant offers a comfortable stay coupled with delicious dining options. The hotel aims to provide a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for its guests.

Address: Wazeer One Hotel, Shigar

2.Serena Shigar Fort

Serena Shigar Fort stands as a testament to luxury and heritage. Nestled in the historical Shigar Fort, this hotel combines modern amenities with the grandeur of a bygone era. Guests can expect a regal experience with top-notch services.

Address: Serena Shigar Hotel, Shigar, Baltistan, Pakistan, Shigar, Gilgit-Baltistan 16300 Phone: (058154) 67108

3.Space Hotel Shigar

Space Hotel in Shigar promises a contemporary stay experience. With modern amenities and a focus on comfort, it caters to the needs of both business and leisure travelers, ensuring a pleasant and memorable stay.

Address: Shigar river, Kiahong Bridge, Near inter college road shigar, Skardu, 16100Phone: 0341 6232832

4.Hotel River View Shigar

As the name suggests, Hotel River View in Shigar offers scenic views of the surrounding landscape. With comfortable accommodations and a peaceful ambiance, it’s an ideal choice for those seeking tranquility.

Address: Near Shigar Fort Residence, Shigar Skardu, Shigar, Gilgit-Baltistan 16300

5.Khoj Resorts

Khoj Resorts is a destination that combines luxury with nature. Surrounded by picturesque scenery, this resort offers a serene escape for guests looking to unwind and enjoy the beauty of Shigar.

Address: Jarba Zhou Rd, Shigar, Gilgit-BaltistanPhone: 0311 1555448

6.Mehman Sarai مہمان سرائے

Mehman Sarai is a guesthouse in Shigar that prides itself on hospitality. The establishment aims to provide a homely atmosphere for its guests, ensuring a warm and welcoming experience during their stay.

Address: Hameed Garh Kargrong, Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan 16100Phone: 0343 5152546

7.Hotel Dewan-e-Khas

Hotel Dewan-e-Khas is a cozy accommodation option in Shigar. With a focus on personalized service, the hotel aims to make guests feel special and well-cared for during their visit.

Address: kazami bazar, DewaneKhas Rd, Hyderabad, Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan 16100Phone: (058154) 55494

8.Sehrish Hotel and Guest House Skardu

Located in Skardu, Sehrish Hotel and Guest House is a convenient choice for those exploring the Shigar region. The hotel offers a comfortable stay with a range of amenities to cater to various preferences.

Address: Aliabad, Skardu, 16100Phone: 0346 9556239

9.Hotel Travellodge Skardu

Hotel Travellodge in Skardu extends its services to visitors exploring Shigar. The hotel emphasizes a convenient and comfortable stay for guests, making it an excellent choice for travelers seeking practical accommodations.

Address: Clifton Bridge, Hassan Colony, Skardu, 16100Phone: 0344 5277714

10.PTDC Motel Skardu

Run by the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC), Motel Skardu provides budget-friendly accommodations. It’s an ideal choice for travelers looking for a simple yet comfortable stay while exploring the beautiful Shigar area.

Address: 7JWW+5W8, Hameed Garh Rd, Hameed Garh Kargrong, Skardu, Gilgit-BaltistanPhone: 0311 5994279


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