The Farmhouses in Lahore 2024

As the trend of Farmhouses in Lahore has increased in recent years, Lahore has become a hub of some of the most luxurious farmhouses. These farmhouses offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and a serene environment to relax and refresh. Here are the top 10 farmhouses in Lahore in 2023

List of Top 10 Farmhouses in Lahore 2024

1. Windmills farmhouse and resort
2. Nadia Farmhouse and Catering
3. The Farmhouse lahore
4. Sadiq Farmhouse
5. Fasih Farmhouse
6. Grand Orchid Farmhouse
7. Hamza Farmhouse
7. Hamza Farmhouse
8. Talia Farmhouse
10. Imdad ul Rehman farmhouse

1. Windmills farmhouse and resort, Bedian Road, Lahore

Windmill Farmhouse is purposely designed to provide you with a 5-star stay-in experience. The farmhouse is designed to cater to all your functions, such as weddings, birthday parties, engagement ceremonies, anniversaries, etc. For your facility, the farmhouse has accommodation for close guests and five luxurious executive rooms, including meals. During your stay, you can also enjoy some other facilities such as miniature golf, cinema, swimming pool, gym, table tennis, badminton, swings, ludo, carrom board, chess ETC.

Windmills farmhouse and-resort

Contact: 0341 0429222
Address: At Main Bedian Road, Lahore.

2. Nadia Farmhouse and Catering, Main Canal Road, Lahore

The farmhouse has a massive pool for pool parties. An excellent space for decorations and conducting any formal or informal events, and you can also set the stage for weddings. It also provides in-house decor and catering. The place has parking for 50 to 80 cars, so your guests have a good parking space. The halls are very beautifully constructed. To accommodate up to 3000 people. The halls are fully air-conditioned.

Nadia farmhouse and catering

Contact: 0301 8400539.
Address: Main Canal Road, Jubilee Farm House, Lahore.

3. The Farmhouse, Near Elite Villas, Lahore

The ideal place to host wedding ceremonies, official business events, and concerts at a reasonable rental price. The farmhouse has also been used for various shoots such as TV commercials, films, and drama. To accommodate up to 1500 guests. In this building, several rooms have separate washrooms and kitchens. The resort’s green lawn is magnificent. Besides, the farm offers a traditional landscape, swimming pools, royal buildings, guest houses, security, and bridal rooms.

The Farm House

Address: Main Bedian Road, Near Elite Villas, Lahore.
Phone: 0309 5629411

4. Sadiq Farmhouse, Bedian Road, Lahore

The Sadiq Farmhouse is a good place for you to plan any event that interests you. Whatever the occasion is, whether it’s a wedding reception, pool party, birthday party, etc. It’s a great place to shoot all kinds of photographs, whether in the garden or 1.5 kanal sheds. A fountain enhances the beauty of the place. There’s a bridal room. A clean pool and two outdoor toilet facilities are also available for you. It’s got a playground for kids, a little kitchen, a grill for a little barbecue party. There’s a great parking space for your guests in this place. There are about 35,000 to 45,000 guests in this place.

sadiq farmhouse

Contact: 0312 4944652
Address: Farmhouse no. 104, Spring Meadows, Bedian Road, Lahore.

5. Fasih Farmhouse, Nawab Town, Lahore

By providing a venue you’ll never see, Fasih Farmhouse will certainly be able to enhance the mood for any event—a farm where you’ll have a big, lavish wedding. There is a beautiful natural green setting and an unforgettable celebration for friends and family. It’s one of the most desirable places for celebrating major events in your life. Once-in-a-lifetime events should be celebrated at a place you will never forget, so visit Fasih Farmhouse today and book it for your special occasion.

Fasih farmhouse lahore

Contact: 0321 8461699.
Address: Near Nawab Town, Lahore.

6. Grand Orchid Farmhouse Dubai Town, Lahore

The Grand Orchid farmhouse is a promising place for all sorts of events and parties. The area has been hosting many magazine shoots with celebrities. It also serves delicious food. There is also room for many guests in the parking lot. But the entrance isn’t going to impress you since it’s hidden on a busy street.

Grand Orchid Farm house

Contact:0322 4444263.
Address: 7 km Raiwind Rd, Dubai Town, Lahore.

7. Hamza Farmhouse, Main Bakri Road, Lahore

At a place that makes you feel at home at an affordable price, you can host a big birthday party, a big wedding party, a bridal shower, ETC. There’s a BBQ area. In addition, this place is ideal for visiting in the summer since it has a fantastic swimming pool. There’s a lot of room for all your relatives in the parking lot.

Hamza farmhouse lahore

Address: Main Bakri Road, Lahore.

8. Talia Farmhouse, lasagna Road Lahore

Talia’s an excellent place for you. It’s got a nice view. It is the right place for you because of its quiet environment and green scenery, whether it’s to organize an outdoor event or a private function. To accommodate 600 guests in the room. There’s also a bridal room, a powder room, and a parking lot. The farmhouse is famous for celebrity shoots. There are no rooms or kitchens in the building. The farmhouse has spacious valet parking, indoor games, a BBQ area, Cricket, a football ground, and a kids’ play area. There’s a meal service available.

Talia farmhouse

Contact: 0332 4242677.
Address: Lasani Road, Adjacent to Eden Park, Lahore.

9. Abdullah Farmhouse DHA Phase 5, Lahore

The Abdullah farmhouse is located in the favored and desirable area of Lahore, renowned for its lovely gardens and luxury accommodations. It’s the perfect spot to host family picnics or formal events. There is electricity at the farmhouse, a serene and therapeutic environment for families. A swimming pool is available. Plan intimate birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and pool parties for your friends and family.

Abdullah Farmhouse lahore

Contact: 0300 250717.
Address: DHA Phase 5, Lahore.

10. Imdad ul Rehman farmhouse,  Raiwind Road, Lahore

The ideal place for wedding events and concerts at a reasonable price. The farmhouse is used for TV commercials, films, and drama. To accommodate up to 1500 guests. The building has bedrooms with washrooms and a kitchen. The resort has been covered with a lavish green lawn. The farm also includes classic landscaping, swimming pools, guest rooms, security, and a bridal room.

imdad ul rehman farmhouse lahore

Address : Raiwind Road, Lahore.

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